Policies and Procedures

To ensure fairness to all of our guests, exceptions will not be made to our Policies & Procedures guidelines. Please know this is to ensure fairness to all guests.

We have a NO Refunds policy on all purchases including but not limited to: classes, workshops, private training and Yoga wear & merchandise in the retail shop. While we are certain you will be happy with your class, workshop & retail purchases, please note multi-class pass discounts are given from the walk-in rates to ensure classes are filled with energetic students. If the expiration timeframe is too short for your schedule & lifestyle, may we suggest purchasing a smaller package or single class/private training session. All group classes and private training have an expiration date. Be sure to review accordingly prior to making a purchase, and/or talk to your instructor prior to purchase if you have any questions.

We reserve the right to cancel classes that do not maintain adequate attendance on a regular basis. Refunds will not be issued for partially used class pass purchases, you may use your passes for other group classes on the schedule. Please attend classes regularly to ensure they continue.

The only exception that will be made is if under the advice of your medical doctor along with a written note by the M.D., they have stated specifically that you may not attend Yoga and/or Pilates classes due to medical reasons. An extension to your multi-class pass expiration date can be negotiated upon receiving of your doctor’s note. We will not issue refunds, only expiration extension.

All group classes & Private/duet sessions must be paid in advance. Failure to pay invoice within 5 calendar days will result in a $5 late fee.

Thank you for your understanding and honoring the fairness to all of our highly regarded guests. I am grateful for each and every one of you who make this community grow and flourish. May All Beings Know Peace!