Magic Circle Workshop

The Magic Circle is just one of the accessories Joseph Pilates designed himself in the 1930s. As with all the props within the Pilates method, it can help create deeper connections with our centre, also known as the “powerhouse.” Using the circle, the exercises can be made either easier or more difficult, making the class both challenging and fun! This workshop is for students familiar with Pilates mat exercises.

Join Julie in a workshop focused on taking your Pilates workout to a new level! Learn to connect to your seat and maintain a deep connection with your abdominals. You will also learn fun and helpful modifications, helping standard Pilates mat exercises flow with more ease.

The Magic Circle is a multi-use Pilates prop that will challenge stability, increase mobility and deepen your bodies awareness and proprioception.

WHEN?  February 23, 2018 at 9 AM
WHERE? 410 Beltrami Ave NW, Bemidji MN
Cost?   $18

 (Please Contact Us prior to registering to ensure there is space)