About Julie

Loons & Lakes, Computers & Motherhood

I grew up on a wonderful, hobby farm in Northern Minnesota, right next door to my grandparents, with acreage and a pristine lake in the woods. A childhood spent rescuing animals of every shape and size, feeding and watering the horse my grandfather got for free because it fell off a trailer, pheasants, a donkey, sheep, playing on hay bales, teasing the bull, cutting and burning brush, working hard, swimming, water skiing, ice skating, cross country skiing, practicing my loon call as often as kids today play Minecraft. I roamed around freely and felt naturally connected to the planet, a feeling that transforms my life and my teaching even now. My college years were spent in Bemidji with large gulps of the great outdoors. From there it was on to my first career in Minneapolis, where I spent 10 years traveling the globe working as a software technology consultant.


My “yoga moment” came in 1995, when I attended my very first yoga class and fell asleep during savasana. I remember calling my best friend and declaring I had “reached enlightenment”. From there I was hooked. The next year I entered a life-changing journey on a trip around the world to Japan, China and Inner Mongolia where I studied Chinese medicine and acupuncture and became an even bigger believer in the body’s natural ability to heal itself. All of this led me to a deep, personal transformation on many levels. Time and fate somehow guided me back to Northern Minnesota, the region of my childhood, in 2007, where I settled in Bemidji to be closer to my family and raise my amazing children and open an enormous window to a new journey as a mother and a yoga teacher, a journey that continues with joy, gratitude, and a willingness to show up every day.


How I found Yoga

At 18 years old I was in a significant car accident that left me in a chiropractor’s office multiple times per week. I started suffering from debilitating migraine headaches I believe as a result of the car accident. I was searching for natural healing modalities and decided to try a Yoga class. Within 6 months of beginning practicing Yoga, my migraines were gone, my back pain was gone. Along the way, in 20 years of Yoga practice, many life changes have happened, I quit smoking, I moved from the small town of Bemidji to the big city of Minneapolis and back again. I started a family, and inadvertently gained 100+ pounds in doing so. Taking off the baby weight plus some extra has been quite the journey. I have lost half of my body weight, 151 pounds from the positive changes I adopted as a result of “lightbulb moments” on my yoga mat! Yoga offers me a sanctuary to be my TRUE Self. Yoga gives me energy, it keeps me healthy inside and out, mentally, physically, spiritually. Yoga opens my heart with great compassion and JOY.


Passions & Devotions

Floating in warm water, all things in sand and water and tree-filled. All manner of adventure, immersion into living, and play. Warm sunshine, anytime and anywhere. Flexibility in all areas of life. Also: lattes & salads at The Wild Hare, appetizers and the catch of the day at Tutto Bene (holy cow are we lucky to have this place), Thai food in Hackensack, eating ice cream at Big River Scoop while staring mindlessly at Paul & Babe & Lake Bemidji, sipping tea by the fire while cuddled up with my mini spaniel named after my beloved grandfather, funky leggings, tall boots, flip-flops, inner exploration, curiosity, walking barefoot across the Headwaters of the Mississippi, that hole in the “magic tree” at Bemidji State Park, soup at Harmony, almond bear paws at Chocolates Plus, walleye tacos at Bar 209, live theater, modern art, my beloved book clubs (the women over the books chosen), sunsets, boating, Stand Up Paddleboarding on the stretch of the Mississippi past the power dam, cross country skiing at Three Island Park, jumping on the trampoline, my 2 loyal loving Spaniels, bath time, story time, snack time, anytime with my beautiful children and family.


Places I Love

Here. Barbados, St. John USVI, the Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Tulum Beach National Park, Tokyo, the Greek island of Naxos, California, Sanibel & Captiva Islands in Florida, my own backyard with my family and my dogs, and anywhere in a hammock.