What would it take?

Yes, you! That’s right! What would it take to get you to take the first step to transforming your health, learning to manage your stress levels, become less reactive, reduce
or diminish your aches and pains, maybe shed a few pounds or at least produce some liquid awesome? What would it take to use your yoga pants for something other than mindlessly strolling the aisles of Target becoming hypnotized by that red bullet that gets us all and buying things we had no idea we needed. Like me this morning (after I put my yoga pants to their proper use), throwing a stuffed unicorn head and a BB-8 dog costume into my cart. I later came to my senses and returned these unnecessary items to their proper places, but seriously, do you know what I mean? We all have excuses. I’m too busy. I’m too poor. I’m too fat. I’m too old. I’m too, this or that. What would it take to make YOU a priority. We all give, give, give to our kids, our pets, our spouses, our jobs, our churches, our schools, our clubs and organizations. We cannot take care of anyone else unless our primal needs are met. Period. And unless you have your health, we have nothing. Without our health, we certainly have nothing left to give. So dust off, or shake off the dog hair from your favorite pair of yoga pants, sweat pants, any kind of stretchy pants. Heck, one guy that comes to myogapantsy class always rocks a pair of jeans, if that’s what you’re comfortable in, I say, own it! Now let’s put those Target strolling stretchy’s to good use.

See ya on the mat, at Fusion Center, 410 Beltrami Ave, Bemidji, MN. Monday & Thursday 9 AM; and Wednesday 5:30 PM.