Setting New Years “Intentions”

"Exercise is for elevating your spirit, not just your heart rate." -Dr. Mark W. Cochran My words of wisdom on setting intentions (or Resolutions) for the New Year: Remember Rome was not built in a day, you did not get to this place overnight and if your desired outcome is big change, you will need to be patient … Continue reading Setting New Years “Intentions”


Libation station: Chaga What???

Chaga you say? Don't you mean chakras you crazy Yoga teacher? Or cha-cha? Maybe even chalupa? Sadly I'm guessing more people probably know what a chalupa is versus chaga. But I'm preaching to my choir now aren't I? Chaga, Inonotus obliquus (latin), is a medicinal mushroom formed on the outside of a birch tree. As a … Continue reading Libation station: Chaga What???

Clean grass-fed beef meatballs

There are so many different variations on the classic meatball, here’s my clean eating variation. These are also great to make a big batch and freeze for clean freezer meals. To do so, simply double, triple or quadruple the recipe for however many extra meals you would like to have on hand. Great for a … Continue reading Clean grass-fed beef meatballs